Finn The Giant – Hanging Gardens

Since 2007 is coming to an end and there has only been one release so far this year, there had to be at least one more tune released. This little dub was inspired by all the natural wonders of the world.

In 2008 there will be several heavyweight vocal and dub releases so check back soon!

Finn The Giant - Hanging Gardens     

Finn The Giant meets Sandmonk – New Dub Order

Seven years has passed since the Two Worlds Clash album, and finally Sandmonk dropped by the studio for a new collaboration. This is the New Dub Order!

Finn The Giant meets Sandmonk - New Dub Order     

[GIANT001] Lancy Rankin feat. Elijah – Answer / Finn The Giant – Answer (Dub)

This 7 inch vinyl is the first physical release from Giant Sounds, featuring upcoming swedish singer Lancy Rankin and newcomer Elijah on vocals. A heavy one drop riddim with councious lyrics and a dubbed out version on the b-side.

Lancy Rankin feat. Elijah - Answer     

Finn The Giant - Answer (Dub)     


Produced, arranged and mixed by Finn The Giant. Music written by Lancy Rankin, Elijah, Mickey Tootpick and Finn The Giant.

Sold out

Finn The Giant – Black Scorpion Dub

Finally a new Finn The Giant release – Black Scorpion Dub, dub with a deadly sting! The title track is a heavy yet smooth steppers with swirling echoes and a hypnotic bassline. On the b-side is a one drop piece called Peace Pipe.

Black Scorpion Dub (4.13)      

Peace Pipe (2.34)     

Proverbial – Love & Passion

Love & Passion explores the theme of encounters between two worlds and has a distinct Asian oriented feel to it, most apparent on the dub side. The track’s harmonies reveals traces and undertones of spiritual experiences.

Love & Passion (4.16)     

Dub & Passion (3.27)     

credits Written and performed by Proverbial. Dub mix by Finn The Giant

Finn The Giant meets Beatsquad – Hospital Dub

This is a dub version of the beautiful Hospital by Beatsquad, found on their debut album called Natural Vibe. Don’t forget to download the original vocal tune from their webpage.

Finn The Giant meets Beatsquad - Hospital Dub     

credits Written and performed by Beatsquad. Dub mix by Finn The Giant

Finn The Giant – Mariana Trench Dub

Aptly named after the world´s deepest place, Mariana Trench Dub has two versions on the same riddim. Slow and heavy sub-sea sounds!

Mariana Trench Dub (4.21)     

Deep Sea Steppin (4.18)     

Jätten Finn möter Kapten Röd – Stormen Dub

This is the dub version of a tune called ‘En storm är på väg’ (A storm is coming) by swedish singjay Kapten Röd. Get the original vocal version on vinyl from GetUp!

Jätten Finn möter Kapten Röd - Stormen Dub     

Finn The Giant – Hit The Ground

Two hard hitting dub tracks on this the second net 7 inch release from Giant Sounds – the faster Hit The Ground and the dense, slow Thick & Thin.

Hit The Ground (3.25)     

Thick & Thin (3.36)     

Finn The Giant meets Sandmonk – Two Worlds Clash

In 2001 Finn The Giant teamed up with Sandmonk to record an album. Eleven dub songs were recorded and mixed, with basic equipment but with a big heart. Because of various circumstances the album was never released and the recordings were stored on an attic for four years. Now these tracks have been remastered in the new studio and 45 minutes of soulful, instrumental roots dub music is available for free download!

credits Written and performed by Finn The Giant and Sandmonk. Produced by Finn The Giant

1. Hidden Knowledge
2. Comet Impact
3. Outskirt Settlements
4. Minga Girls
5. Greenhouse Station
6. Under Occupation
7. Low Pressure
8. Beduin Assault
9. High Production
10. Last Feast
11. Collision Course

Finn The Giant – Dub Like The Grass

This first release from Giant Sounds is a remake of an old Finn The Giant riddim called Holy Ground, originally inspired by the Swedish psalm ‘Härlig är jorlden’. Two dubby versions are included.

Dub like the grass (3.25)     

Dub like the dub (3.47)